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The Brands That We Use

Engine Oil

S-Oil World No.1 Complex


Saudi Aramco become single largest shareholder of S-Oil with its acquisition of an S-Oil stake from Hanjin Group in 2015.

Filter And Coolant

Hengst. Prixmax

Hengst is a globally established developer and manufacturer of technologically advanced filtration solutions. Read More

PrixMax can supply coolants that specifically match the chemistry and performance requirements of passenger car and heavy duty OEMs. Read More

Brake Pad And Brake Fluid

Barbaro. Valeo

BARBARO CAC Racing’s friction materials are specially designed for sports driving, modified sports cars and racing cars.

Valeo DOT® Brake Fluid range: an adapted solution for all requirements. Each vehicle equipped with DOT® brake fluid has its own requirements: the selection of brake fluid must be in accordance to its engine power, electronic braking system, and even the type of road on which it is driven. Read More

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